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Humboldt Waste Management Authority negotiating contract for new transportation and disposal agreement

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- The Humboldt Waste Management Authority, which handles solid waste disposal and transportation for its six member agencies, has been using two landfills for garbage disposal for its entire 15-year existence. With June 1st being the end of one of those contracts, the Board of Directors voted Thursday night at their regular monthly meeting to start negotiating with a company for disposal and transportation with another landfill.

The HWMA Board of Directors picked Solid Waste of Willits to start transporting municipal and recyclable waste to a landfill in Suisun City when contract negotiations are complete.  The Evaluation Subcommittee has been reviewing five possible proposals for new transportation and disposal methods for several months.  HWMA has a contract with the Dry Creek Landfill in White City, Oregon that expires in November of 2016, but officials say it was necessary to have a second landfill to use as soon as possible.

"The agreement with Dry Creek Landfill is capped at a disposal of about 30,000 tons annually.  HWMA generates better than 70,000 tons annually so we would have insufficient disposal for the amount of garbage that comes through our facility," said Jill Duffy, the Executive Director of HWMA.

HWMA officials expect to finish negotiations with Solid Waste of Willits by the June meeting.