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Hundreds attend World Cup watch party in Arcata

ARCATA- On Thursday, the United States played in its last group stage match against Germany.  About 200 people enjoyed the game at the Arcata Theatre Lounge.

Some enjoy the art of the sport.

"It's a beautiful game.  It's like a dance," said Robert Nordquist, a Fieldbrook resident.

"It's high energy.  The clock never stops, it just keeps running.  There's penalties but again, the clock just keeps running.  And it's anyone's game.  Anything can happen," said Daniel McDermott, an Arcata resident.
Others say they like being part of a global community of soccer fans.

"It's a world sport.  It's not like football or baseball where it's only here in America for the most part," McDermott said.

"It appeals to everybody.  It's the universal game that has something for everybody.  It brings everybody in.  It's the democratic sport for sure," said Fred Jungemann, the Head Coach of HSU Men’s Soccer.

With advancement to the knockout stage on the line, fans watch the match intensely. 

"It's just exciting.  Everyone's up for this.  It's big.  We're finally sort of competitive at the world stage and I think it's really a cool thing," said Laura Olson, a Blue Lake resident.

But people in attendance say part of the fun is the community coming together.

"It just feels good and exciting and people that don't even know each other are hugging each other and high fiving across tables ," said Mona Mazzotti, an Arcata resident.

"It's a way better environment.  It's more intense, there's a large screen.  We can see it.  You get to hang out with pals and buddies and chill and relax," said McDermott.

"Arcata is such a diverse community and that's what the magic of the World Cup is.  It brings the diversity of all nations together.  And everyone feels it and it's just been a great feeling," said Mark Wheetley, they Mayor of Arcata.

Win or lose, fans say they are happy to cheer for their country.