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Hundreds of marijuana plants at trespass grow

KNEELAND- The Humboldt County Sheriff's Department has arrested one parolee for allegedly growing hundreds of marijuana plants on someone else's land in Kneeland.

According to the department, caretakers of Carrington Ranch in Kneeland contacted law enforcement about the grow on their lands. On Monday, deputies hiked 40 minutes into the property and located 834 growing marijuana plants ranging from 6" to 2' high. Also found on the land were large amounts of trash, fertilizer and rodenticide.

Eureka resident, Erick Paul Stillman, 32, was found living in a tent on the grow site. With him was his 38-year-old girlfriend and her 12-year-old son. Stillman was arrested for violating his parole and for cultivation and possession of marijuana for sales. The woman and her son were not arrested, but deputies have submitted a criminal case to the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office requesting that she also be charged for the same crime and the case has also been forwarded to the Child Welfare Services.

Lt. Steve Knight said the department will work to prosecute grow sites that damage the environment. Many, he said, divert water from local rivers and streams, pollute and poison wildlife.

"That is an issue for all of us that live in the county and do recreate and do drink the water," Knight said.