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Hundreds of seventh graders at College of the Redwoods for “I’ve Been Admitted to College” Day

EUREKA - College of the Redwoods was taken over by hundreds of seventh graders Friday.

Decade of Difference, Humboldt County Office of Education, HSU, CalSOAP and College of the Redwoods, have teamed up to create, College Career Development Days, called “I’ve Been Admitted to College”.

“The whole idea is to help them see that they can go to college and that there's a lot of opportunities and that they can get degrees that relate to careers right here in our county,” said Decade of Difference Career & College Lead, Susi Huschle.

Almost 350 students from 15 schools showed up on the College of the Redwoods campus to participate.

“And so, Actually getting them on the campus and seeing it, seeing where the Admin building is, seeing that I can walk from one to the other and know how to get around and not get lost, all those things help them break down just one more hurdle,” said Huschle. 

Humboldt county schools represented most of the seventh graders, but there were also schools from Klamath and Trinity. Plus, over three days, more than 1,200 seventh graders have had the opportunity for the experience.

First, students get acquainted with a tour guide and then explore campus.

"My group right now is awesome, they're so enthusiastic to learn about what college is about and everything that it is and can be," said Academy of the Redwoods Tour Guide, Alex Lewis.

“My experience here, it's been a really good experience. I think just getting the overall college feel. Being able to tour the campus and go to the different classes and see what the different classes are, is really neat,” said Pacific Union Seventh Grader, Morrgin Emmons.

Students then watch a presentation in the Theater and finish with career training classes that ranged from dentistry to nursing, and even welding.

Huschle says, “It gets them excited about things they can do when they're here in the future.”

In addition, some of the organizations involved make up The Post-Secondary Success Collaborative; which was recently awarded $3 million for innovative higher education efforts. The organization plans to use some of that funding to host more college visits for students.