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Hundreds of students showcase projects at 31st annual Doris Niles Science Fair

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- For over three decades the Doris Niles Science Fair in Humboldt County has become a yearly tradition. For students of Humboldt County it is one of the highlights of the year. 
From rocket science to the legend of Bigfoot, over 400 students from around the county come to compete. It is a week-long event held at Humboldt State University and celebrates excellence in science for students in 4th grade through high school. 
"Some of these projects probably took hours, days, weeks and some of them this is their second year project.” Said Coordinator Lynne Bryan, “so it really is a big deal, it is a huge honor."
The Fair has showcased local students’ science projects for over 30 years. The event honors the memory of Dr. Doris Niles, a beloved, Humboldt County teacher who was instrumental in furthering students’ and teachers’ science educations.
It is huge honor that takes dedication, a creative mind, and a passion for experimenting says Bryan. Students may compete individually or in pairs within a variety of categories such as Physical Science, Life Science, or Math and Engineering. Over 100 volunteer judges review displays and conduct student interviews throughout the week, culminating in an awards ceremony where 125 medals and special recognition awards are presented. A highlight is the awarding of the special “Dr. Doris Niles Perpetual Trophy” which is presented to a “young student of promise”.
The goal Bryan says is to motivate the students, to explore the many outlets of science and to carry that interest into the future, 
"We have an incredible next generation of kids and we need science in the future.”