"I got two more,": witness in Tree murder case details post-shooting actions

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Testimony by two additional witnesses in the Bodhi Tree double homicide case has established what may be a motive for the murders of Christina Schwarz and Alan “Sunshine” Marcet.


They were shot and killed at a home on Eye Street in north town Arcata on May 18th. During his testimony, Arcata Police Detective Robert Martinez explained almost all the people he talked to the night of the shooting identified Bodhi Tree as the suspect, under either alias “C Money,” or “C Nasty.”  Some also told Martinez that Tree was making unwanted advances at victim Christina Schwarz. He was even seen chasing her at one point. A separate witness linked Schwarz and Marcet romantically.


Also in court, witness Sean Butler-Smith provided information that put Bodhi Tree at the Eureka and Arcata shootings with the same snub nose .38 revolver. He also testified that when he saw Bodhi Tree the night Schwarz and Marcet were killed, Bodhi told him “I got two more,” and that he needed to bleach his gun.


Preliminary hearing in the case is expected to wrap up Monday with the testimony of some civilian witnesses.