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'Inappropriate' billboard ads for cannabis testing company taken down

CRESCENT CITY- Billboards across Humboldt, Del Norte and Mendocino counties are going dark because of what local leaders say is inappropriate advertising.

The advertisement reads: "Sexing Made Simple" and has a picture of a marijuana plant. The ad is for a medical marijuana testing firm out of Berkeley that helps cultivate seedless marijuana. The residents across the North Coast took offense to the sign saying the language and imagery is inappropriate for children. But the company argues, the language used is an agricultural term and medical marijuana is legal.

After a Del Norte County Chamber of Commerce inquiry about the sign in late February, along with several complaints from other local leaders, the company says they have decided to take down the signs everywhere. The Del Norte County billboard was covered in black on Friday.

The company says they did not mean to offend anyone with the and do not know if they will advertise again in the area.