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Increased transient activity at Trinidad Museum addressed

TRINIDAD - The city is reporting positive results from an initiative addressing increased homeless activity near the city’s museum.

The Trinidad Museum has been open since 2009 and with its benches and gardens, has reportedly become a tempting spot for transients. The museum welcomes these people and invites them inside the museum on occasion. But in late 2014, a rising number of people were spending the night around the museum and leaving trash. Museum board members took their concerns to the Trinidad City Council and requested additional law enforcement to combat the issue. In the months that followed, the museum says they've seen a decrease in homeless activity.

“I think the city in general is addressing the difficulty and we want to be hospitable to all our visitors, we just don't want anybody to abuse the privilege of enjoying these fabulous new public buildings we have now here in Trinidad,” Patti Fleschner, President of Trinidad Museum Society, said.