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Initiative will help small businesses become ADA compliant

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Small businesses looking for assistance becoming ADA accessible could have the help they need in the near future.

The Redwood Region Economic Development Commission is partnering with the Arcata Development Corporation as well as elected officials to discuss ways they can assist small businesses avoid lawsuits for not being ADA compliant. Headwaters fund is organizing the initiative, which is still in its preliminary stages. The members of the initiative are currently working to put together all available resources for businesses to help bring them up to code.  Officials urge small businesses to get assistance from the initiative later when it is ready.

"It's really worth businesses time to make sure that they are compliant.  It's far less expensive to do the work than it is to face a lawsuit and then have to do the work on top of it and pay the legal fees.  So any way that we can help those businesses become compliant, that's the goal of this initiative," said Don Ehnebuske, the Executive Director of the Redwood Region Economic Development Commission.

As part of the initiative, the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce is holding a meeting open to the public to discuss ways small businesses can become ADA compliant. They will also be answering questions. 

That meeting will be held at 610 Main Street in Fortuna on Monday at noon.