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Installation at Airport

The California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County Airport was the scene of a special celebration tonight. Officials from Humboldt Made, collaborating with HSU, the airport, County of Humboldt, and the Headwaters Fund are trying to expand awareness about all Humboldt County has to offer. Angeline Schwab, Executive Director of Humboldt Made was hoping the community would get involved. “We’re going to invite the community to join Humboldt Made. It will take all of us to let the world know what we are good at and what we make.”

They installed pictures of Humboldt County products and places in hope of informing visitors about the North Coast. Humboldt Made wants everyone to know that when visitors fly to the area… they have lots of options. Some of those include going on to other communities. That’s why they want to let everyone who comes through the airport know that Humboldt County is a world class destination with great food and well-made products that visitors can take home. But on top of that, Humboldt County offers an environment few destinations have to offer.

Clint Vicorine is Director and Board Member of Humboldt Made. He’s also a rancher who produces Humboldt grass-fed beef. He felt the Humboldt area is unique: “It’s got to be the open spaces and the clean fresh air…and not all the congestion and traffic of people. It’s just amazing that you can just leave home and go where you want to go and you get to see wide open spaces and not people.”

Humboldt Made is hoping to expand the semi-permanent installation of  Products at the airport in the future by adding pictures of some of the other successful local entrepreneurs and more Humboldt Made products. A membership drive is underway for individuals and businesses.

If you would like participate with Humboldt Made or find out more information,  you can visit their