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"The Interview" plays in Fortuna

FORTUNA- After initially canceling the release of the movie “The Interview,” Sony Pictures Entertainment decided to make the film available to a limited number of independently owned theaters around the country.  One of them is Fortuna 6 Theatres.

According to the FBI, the North Korean government is responsible for hacking Sony Pictures Entertainment in retaliation of the upcoming release of the “The Interview,” which depicts a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

"It kind of sounds like a ridiculous, silly thing to me.  Someone has to be very immature to make such a big deal over," said Chris Bush, who is a Fortuna resident.

Some moviegoers who saw “The Interview” on Thursday in Fortuna were excited to enjoy some laughs for Christmas.

"We wanted to see 'The Interview' before it got pulled by Sony.  We always go to the movies every Christmas," said Fortuna resident Taren Dunaway.

"We wanted to see the movie because my wife's a huge fan of Seth Rogen and Franco," said Nigel Wroten, who is visiting McKinleyville for the holidays.

For others, seeing the movie was about more than just having a fun way to spend Christmas.

"I think the movie needs to be shown.  I'm very happy to hear that Sony backed off on not doing it and that independent theaters like these are strong enough and recognize the American Bill of Rights, the Freedom of Speech, and I think it should be shown," said Robert Martin, who lives in Red Bluff.

"I wasn't normally going to go see this movie, it would have been a movie I would have passed on in the first place.  But because of all the rhetoric coming out of North Korea, I'm like, 'I would be more than happy to give Sony my ten dollars,'" said Eureka resident Steven Morris.

"I think we just wanted to come out and show support for the movie and for the country and for the first amendment.  We think it's our right to see any movie we want to see, so I think it's important to come out and show support for the movie and filmmakers," said Megan Chodzko, who is visiting Fortuna for the holidays.

The owner of Cinema West, which owns the Fortuna 6 Theatres, was not available for comment.