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Investigation continues into McKinleyville officer involved shooting

MCKINLEYVILLE – The investigation is continuing into Monday night’s officer involved shooting in McKinleyville.

At this time, the Sheriff’s Office is telling us the male suspect, Michael Barrett, is in the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. He is there awaiting transportation to Ventura County where he has a felony warrant.

The female in the car, who was hurt in the hand, is in the hospital for treatment of her injury.

The officer, who will remain unidentified throughout the investigation, has received representation per the peace officers bill of rights.

Today we dug further into the process and talked with a local attorney about what exactly it is.

“Peace officers, unlike the rest of us, have certain obligations when they're under investigation. If your boss said hey I want to talk to you about something at work and you said I’m not interested in talking about that, oftentimes there'd be no discipline. Peace officers are under a duty to talk about a peace investigation in which they are involved. They could be fired if they don’t talk,” Patrik Griego, a local attorney at Janssen Malloy LLP, said.

And so now that the officer is represented, there will be a recount given of his recollection of the events. From there, investigators will reconstruct the events of the night to understand what led to the shots fired.