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Jack Mays sculpture placed at Ferndale Town Hall in his memory

FERNDALE- A celebration of life ceremony was held over the weekend in Ferndale for beloved local artist Jack Mays.  Now, Ferndale residents will be able to see a piece of Jack Mays’ legacy every time they pass Town Hall.

One of Jack Mays’ sculptures was recently donated to the City of Ferndale by his family. On Saturday, it was unveiled in its new spot, next to Town Hall.  Family members say the 400 lbs. sculpture is a self-portrait, including many smaller examples of his works over the years.  Jack Mays, along with Hobart Brown, founded the Kinetic Sculpture Race.  Mays won four National Newspaper Association Awards for editorial cartooning he did with the Ferndale Enterprise.  He was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer in 2004 and passed away on July 18th at the age of 76. 

"Jack's history is the same of that of Ferndale in how it has evolved and changed.  For a town this size, it's amazing sometimes to think that it's still as alive and thriving as it is, but jack's work kind of documents that for us, and this is a great example of just one part of that," said Stuart Titus, the Mayor of Ferndale.