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Jacoby Creek Charter School District bond measure close to passing

BAYSIDE- A school bond measure Jacoby Creek Charter School District is a few “yes” votes shy of passing.

Measure Y is a $2.5 million bond measure that would be paid off over the next 30 years. School officials say the top priority if Measure Y passes is replacing three portable classrooms with permanent buildings. Other priorities are improving ADA accessibility, replacing some roofs and heaters, and installing hot water systems in the bathrooms. The Superintendent and Principal, Catherine Stone, talked about why replacing the 40-year-old portable classrooms is the top priority.

"Kids learn best in an environment that, there's lots of research that shows, where they can hear very well, where they can see, where they have adequate lighting, where they are warm, not drafted, etc.  So in a portable building, they have lower ceilings.  The lighting is not as good and the sound is a problem so building real buildings and putting our students, all of our students in those buildings, will enhance their learning," said Stone.