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Japanese Ambassadors Visits Crescent City

Two members of the Japanese consular offices visited Crescent City to thank the community for their efforts to send the Japanese boat that washed up on shores back to Japan.


The Deputy Consul General, Nobuhiro Watanabe, and Vice Consul, Takeshi Kurashina, both from the San Francisco consulate office were in Crescent City. While there they had lunch with the Crescent City Mayor before visiting the Del Norte Sheriff's office.


Watanabe presented the Sheriff's office with a certificate thanking them for their help rescuing the ship from the Crescent City beach it washed up on shore. Members of the city council and board of supervisors welcomed the diplomats. While there the mayor presented them with a key to the city.


Following the visit to the Sheriff's office the two members of the consul attended an assembly at Del Norte High School. Several students worked to clean off the Japanese boat and help send it back to Japan. Several students plan to visit Rikuzentaka in February.


Watanabe said this is not the end of the relationship between the American and Japanese fishing town.