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Japanese boat that washed ashore from 2011 Tsunami featured at Humboldt County Fair

FERNDALE- An exhibit at the Humboldt County Fair dedicated to education and awareness for earthquake and tsunami preparation is featuring the biggest piece of tsunami debris it has ever displayed.

HSU and the Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group are partners for the Earthquake Tsunami Room at the fair.  This year, the room features a 22-foot fiberglass boat that beached near Dry Lagoon in early June.  NOAA officials traced the boat to Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture, one of the hardest hit regions in the March 2011 Tsunami.  Officials with NOAA have not been able to locate the owner of the boat.  Organizers of the Earthquake Tsunami Room say people of all ages and backgrounds have enjoyed seeing the Japanese boat up-close.

"It was a huge tragedy or a huge event that happened back in March of 2011 and three years later, here it is on our coast.  So it's connecting people to that event that happened and the fact that a similar event could happen here also.  And it's emotional to think about, 'Where did this boat come from?  Who is the person that owned it?  What is their story?  What did they go through?" said Kerry Sherin, the Outreach Coordinator for the HSU Geology Department.