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Job Training 101 teaches Fortuna students job seeking skills

FORTUNA- High school students in Fortuna are getting a jump-start on their careers with a workshop designed to teach critical job seeking skills.

Tuesday was the last session of Job Training 101 at the eel river community school. Fortuna’s Multi-Generational Center organized the six-week course with the help of Fortuna High School. Over the past weeks students did mock interviews, spoke with police officers and other community members about their jobs and learned about good work ethics and resume writing. In Tuesday’s session the group tied it all together, typing their own resumes to take back with them. Workshop participants say they have already been seeing results from the course.

“I needed help having skills to find a job and surprisingly I did get a job out of this and I’m so grateful that they came to this school and helped us out,” said Job Training 101 Participant Alicya Eggel.

Although the workshops are now over, MGC staff says they will continue to mentor and encourage the students through their job seeking process.