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Judge throws out Ferrer plea deal

EUREKA- In a packed court room, a Humboldt County Judge threw out the plea deal for the three suspects in the fatal stabbing of a 50-year-old Arcata man. The judge dismissed all three deals that the suspects and the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office had previously agreed on.

Judge Joyce Hinrichs said she had arrived at the decision after public interest and criticism over the plea. She said she was dismissing the deal to "restore faith in the judicial process" and to restore the publics faith with the process.

Hinrichs said accepting the plea would be a "hard blow to the judicial system."

In court, Hinrich's said she had accepted the plea, but after receiving letter's from the victim's families, said she changer her mind.

The victim's family members were in court. Candidate for Humboldt County District Attorney Arnie Klein said he was there to represent the family. Klein had criticized the plea negotiated by Deputy District Attorney Elan Firpo, who is also running for District Attorney, but has since been removed from the case by her own request.

After court, Anderson-Jordet's sister Patty Henderson, who had traveled from Minnesota, said the family was happy about the courts decision.

Ferrer will appear in court again on May 28th for the Preliminary Hearing.