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Judge waits to drop charges against Jason Warren

EUREKA- A Humboldt County Judge said he will wait to make his decision on motions in the case involving double murder suspect Jason Anthony Warren. The defense filed motions to the court to dismiss counts two through four, which is the felony murder charge for the death of Suzanne Seemann and the two attempted murders of the other joggers.  

The defense argued that their is not enough evidence for Warren to be accused of intentionally killing Seeman and injuring the two joggers. Warren's attorney, Kevin Robinson, argued that the court did not have enough information on the crash to determine if other factors, such as weather or the state of the driver, to determine if he intended to kill the women.

District Attorney Paul Gallegos said Warren  intentionally struck the joggers and had crossed the street in order to hit them.

Judge John T. Feeney said he wanted to spend time reviewing the evidence and consider both arguments before making his decision. Warren will appear in court again on April 9th and the judge is expected to make his decision by then.