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Julie Fulkerson continues as Mayor of Trinidad

TRINIDAD - City council members in Trinidad unanimously chose Julie Fulkerson to continue her position as Mayor.

The council is currently made up of four members and each year elects a new mayor. At yesterday's council meeting, Fulkerson was asked to continue serving as Mayor and she accepted. She plays a significant role in running public meetings and has a lot of experience as a local elected official. City administration says, she’s level headed and has done a great job the past year.

"I haven't been here too long but from what I've seen, she really does a great job at welcoming the public to be there and encouraging them to speak and handling any, you know, difficulties that come up in that process, in a very diplomatic and professional way. I really think, it leaves the public feeling like they’re welcome and encouraged to participate,” said Trinidad City Manager, Dan Berman.