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Kids tour CHP Arcata Office for field trip

ARCATA- About 25 kids were at the California Highway Patrol Arcata Office on Thursday learning about what police do day in and day out. 

There, homeschooled children and Alder Grove Charter School learned what they need to do when calling 911 as well as other safety tips.

"Simple things, just as simple as crossing the street and watching out for other vehicles, not making the assumption that other vehicles see you.  The things that we've been teaching kids for years, look both ways, even on a one way street because we sometimes have vehicles going on the wrong way on a one way street. Always be with a parent outside of a gate in an area that has traffic," said Officer Matt Harvey with the California Highway Patrol.

The kids also learned about the equipment CHP Officers use and they went on their own mini ride alongs.

"I liked learning about the cool things on his belt and it was fun getting to ride in the car and it was interesting," said Joel Weltsch, who is 11 years old.

"I think this is very fun because they wear very protective suits and they have very protective cars," said Dakota Huey, who is 9 years old.

The kids all got their very own citations they can write their parents if they catch their parents driving distracted.

"We actually give them permission to say respectfully, let your parents know that they need to put the cell phone down and sometimes that's the best reminder for parents is when your kids actually point that out," Officer Harvey said.

Officer Harvey says the field trip is meant to give children a comfort level with law enforcement as they grow older.

“It's a good opportunity for us to build a rapport with the kids so that later on if they're ever involved in a collision or perhaps they're getting pulled over by the highway patrol or any other interaction with law enforcement later on, hopefully they'll look back and remember this time and remember the positive experience,” said Officer Harvey.