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Kim Bergel wins 3rd Ward Eureka City Council Race

EUREKA- The official election results are in and Kim Bergel has won the 3rd Ward Eureka City Council Race.

The Humboldt County Elections Office certified the official results on Tuesday morning and then presented them to the Board of Supervisors. Kim Bergel received 46 more votes than current 3rd Ward Council Member Mike Newman. However, Newman can request a recount by Friday, but Newman says he is still determining whether or not he will request one. Bergel says her primary goal is making Eureka a safer place to live and drive in.  She told News Channel 3 about some of her other plans.

"There are several things that I've wanted to look at.  One of the things is encampments and things like that.  I really feel like we need to work together to make some changes there.  Also, I want to work on some more transportation stuff and also work more on developing our bay, which is something, I think, is progressively happening, but move that forward as well," said Bergel.