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Kinetic Grand Championship start Saturday on the Plaza in Arcata

As Memorial Day kicks in, so does the Grand Kinetic Championship. If you’ve never taken the time to see the wacky and wonderful race that started in Ferndale 45 years ago, you’re in for a treat.

It starts on the plaza in Arcata tomorrow at 10 am. That’s when judging and break tests begin. A soft Le Mans style rolling start gets things going at the noon whistle. The racers head to the Manila Dunes Community Center for the pit stop party with refreshments bands and teams adjusting their vehicles to tackle June’s Dunes and Dead Man’s Drop.

Sunday morning at 10:30, water entries begin at the Samoa Bridge Public Boat Ramp. Expect big crowds and big splashes.  Monday, teams cross the mouth of the Eel River, hold at the fairgrounds, then start arriving at the finish line on Main Street Ferndale just after noon.