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Kinetic Museum to open in Eureka

EUREKA- A Kinetic Museum will be opening in Eureka this Spring. On Saturday, the kick-off event for the museum will be held.  The new Kinetic Museum is located at 110 3rd Street, Unit G (for Glory). 

The Kinetic Grand Championship has been held the lat 46 years in Humboldt County.  The three day race consists of human powered all-terrain artwork and is held every Memorial Day Weekend. 

In the spring of 2013, the Kinetic Museum in Ferndale closed after being open for seven years.  Volunteers put the sculptures and artwork in garages, carports and other facilities throughout Humboldt County. Now, the Kinetic Universe is working to get as much of this history as possible in the Kinetic Museum in Eureka.

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You can also call (707) 786-3443