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King Tides cause highest tide of the winter

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- The high tide on New Year’s Day was the highest one of the entire winter.  And it has the fitting name of “King tides.”The King Tides come every year during late December or early January.  They are caused when the earth gets closest to the sun during its orbit and a new moon occurs at the same time.  This combination magnifies the tidal force on the ocean.  The non-profit organization Humboldt Baykeeper is photographing multiple areas along the coast to keep track of high tides over the coming years as sea levels are expected to rise.  Officials with the organization remind people to stay safe during the King Tides.

"People should just be aware that there's a lot of changes along the shoreline on a daily basis and during the highest tides of the year, of course there's going to be more water in areas that you're not used to seeing water. The ground will be saturated," said Jennifer Kalt with Humboldt Baykeeper.