Kitchen Fires: Leading Cause of Fires in Homes

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Humboldt Bay Fire is educating the community about kitchen fires as part of Fire Prevention Week. According to national fire data, an estimated 164,500 cooking fires happen in homes every year.


"Obviously it's a trend, it's a trend nationally and we want to try to kill that trend as best we can," said Humboldt Bay Battalion Chief Chris Emmons.


Emmons said the most common way kitchen fires get started is because people leave them unattended.


"Always stand by your stove. When you're cooking, don't leave it unattended," said Emmons.


Emmons said keep the handles to pots and pans turned in, and most fires can be stopped by placing a pot cover or cookie sheet over the fire.


Most commonly the fire destroys cabinets, but they could get out of control said Emmons.


"The worst scenario is it destroys a home and kills people," said Emmons.


Humboldt Bay Fire will be demonstrating tips on how to prevent kitchen fires and other fire safety information at their open house on Saturday.