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Lady Washington tours begin Friday in Eureka

EUREKA- The Lady Washington has docked in Humboldt Bay.  Beginning Friday, people will have the chance to tour the tall ship.

The original Lady Washington was built in the 17 80’s and was used for trading along the west coast of the Americas and with China.  The new Lady Washington is now 25 years old, and still holds a crew of about 12 and operates on many of the same kinds of equipment as the original, but is not a completely accurate replica.

The Captain of Lady Washington, Captain Ken Lazarus, says the tours are about more than learning history.  He says they’re about learning the value of hard work.

"It's a chance for people to experience what hard work and education can really do in life.  In the 1780's and 1790's, there were very few opportunities for people to rise up in their life.  Going to sea was a place where if you were hard working, you could rise up to officer ranks just by hard work and by studying," said Captain Lazarus.

People will have the chance to experience multiple types of tours and learn to assist the crew.

"We let people come on board and they can enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine or they can help us set the sails if they like.  We like to have audience participation as much as people want to take on," Captain Lazarus said.

They will also have the opportunity to learn new things.

"My wife's home schooled all our kids and so we came down to check out the boat because it allows us to tie into navigation and history and a whole bunch of other kinds of subjects.  Especially seeing it here in person makes a big difference," said Scott Davies, who lives in Arcata. 

"I've had teacher after teacher come to me and say, 'I wish I could just have my classroom here.’  It's just a phenomenal way for people to learn. Because this is applied physics, this is math, it's navigation, it's geography, it's everything," said Captain Lazarus.

It’s also a lesson on the history of the United States.

“When Lady Washington first was built, we were 13 states.  We were a brand new country and we had very little economic advantage and we had very little trade.  So if it wasn't for the maritime industry, we wouldn't have blossomed as a country," Captain Lazarus said.

The boat is docked near the Adorni Center. To register for a tour, you can visit