Lance Madsen to resign from Eureka City Council

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A Eureka City Councilmember is resigning his position to address health issues. We spoke to Lance Madsen this morning while he was at Stanford Medical Center and he said it isn’t fair to the community to try and split time. Mayor Frank Jäger said he knew the announcement was coming.

”I've been talking to Lance over the last couple of months and his health has been deteriorating so I knew it was coming, but it was just one of those times where it's a fact now,” Jäger said. I’m disappointed because I’ve worked with him for a long time.”

Jäger said Madsen was first elected to the council in 1990 and served 8 years. He came back in 2010 for another term and was set to serve until November of 2014. Madsen told News Channel Three he will continue until the council appoints someone new.

The council will decide next meeting on November 5 if they want to appoint someone or hold a special election. Jäger said he’s opened up the application process to get a head start, in the event that the council decides to choose the route of appointing someone. Anyone in the 5th ward and is eligible to vote can apply.