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Large-scale marijuana grows found in Fortuna

FORTUNA- Fortuna police officers discovered nearly 5,000 marijuana plants in two residences last night.

Officials say an investigation into illegal marijuana growth activities led them to search the two houses. Police found 2,800 plants in one home on the 1100 block of high street. Later in the evening, they also searched a home on the 1400 block of 9th street. There they found 2,100 growing marijuana plants. Officials say these two grows are directly related. Two men were arrested in connection with the grow sites, 54 year old Owen Donald Anderson and 54 year old Charles Eddie Horn of Fortuna. Police say the homes had significant electric and structural modifications making them unsafe to occupy.

“We're trying to rid these things from our community,” Fortuna Police Chief William Dobberstein said. “Our neighborhoods do not want grow houses in their neighborhoods and we're taking action to alleviate the problem by going after these marijuana grow houses, doing investigation, and ultimately executing a search warrant to close down the grow house.”