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Law enforcement awards in Del Norte County

CRESCENT CITY - Outstanding achievements in 2014 were recognized in Crescent City by law enforcement administrators.

The 21st annual awards were pats on the back for jobs well done and in certain cases dealing with a great deal of adversity.

The Sheriff’s Department singled out Robert Clarkson as Deputy of the year. Deputy, Carl Berry received a special award from the District Attorney, Dale Trigg for working with them to solve so many cases and Lola Wiley, an 8-year old, diagnosed with leukemia received the Sheriff’s Commendation for Bravery.

All were thanked for their unwavering efforts in making Del Norte County a safe and more enjoyable place to live. The complete list of awards is listed below.


Officer of the Year – Officer John Nevarez                             

Redwood National and State Parks

Appreciation Award – Retired Police Chief Doug Plack                                                                              


Officer of the Year – Carl Berry

Community Member of the Year – Sandy Davis

Deputy District Attorney of the Year – Todd Zocchi                                                


Probation Officer of the Year – Ramsey Williamson

Youth Group Counselor of the Year – Doyle Holcomb    

Juvenile Corrections Officer of the Year – Kory Rosentrater         

Senior Legal Clerk of the Year – Helen Cetnar                                                        


Supervisor of the Year- Sergeant Justin Gill

Volunteer of the Year – Holly Greene

Special Recognition – Del Norte D.A. Investigation Division

Special Recognition – CA Auto Image                                                            


Del Norte Sheriff's Office                                                                           

Deputy of the Year – Deputy Robert Clarkson

Correctional Officer – Officer Kyle Stevens

Reserve Deputy of the Year – Deputy Glenn Kelley

Special Recognition for Bravery – Lola Wiley                                                                    

Sheriff's Search And Rescue

SAR Member of the Year – Ranell Chisham

35 Year Member Award - George Pettit