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Law enforcement discovers large cache of guns after arrest in Hoopa

Hoopa - Law enforcement served a search warrant and discovered a large cache of guns after yesterday’s shooting near Hoopa High School. Arrested was Brandon Joseph Biondini.

According to the Sheriff’s office, an argument broke out between Biondini and his wife. When she was walking away from their house, the suspect opened fire on the victim discharging several rounds not 50 yards from the school. A passerby reported the incident after he felt bullets whizzing by his head. Biondini was arrested and initially bail was set at $100,000. Because of the severity of the incident, bail was reset at $500,000.

Friday morning, deputies searched Biondini’s home and seized illegal assault type rifles with large capacity clips, hunting rifles, shotguns and a handgun. The case has been turned over to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office.