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Law enforcement officers train in real life simulation

EUREKA- To prepare for dangerous situations local law enforcement officers are training in simulations that mirror real life.

The simulations are played through the Force Option Simulator and is shown on a full sized screen as actors portray a real life scenario. The situations vary from robberies to domestic violence disputes. In the simulations an officer during training has to determine how they will react to the situation.

"It's a chance for [officers] to come out here in a classroom environment and make mistakes. If they're going to make mistakes and continue their advanced training," said Drake Goodale, a College of the Redwood's Police Academy instructor.

Goodale said the simulations prepare officers to deal with situations, especially when suspects can be combative and sometimes dangerous.

"Everything from verbal skills to deescalate the situation to the use of less lethal options such as the taser, pepper spray," said Eureka Police Sgt. Steve Watson.

California officers are required to go through simulation training regularly. Several officers from different Humboldt County agencies have just gone through four hour blocks of training with the simulation. "[The simulation] helps an officer to better prepare when they are on the street and a real life situation takes place," said Watson.