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Law enforcement shares safety tips for making night deposits

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- It’s a crime of opportunity that can put local store employees at risk each night, but law enforcement say there is a way to protect your self.

Last week, an Arcata store manager fell victim to an armed robbery while leaving work with the store’s safety deposit bag. The suspect made off with the victim’s cell phone, keys, wallet and the deposit. Although crimes like these don’t happen regularly, local law enforcement say it can happen anywhere a suspect sees an opportunity.

For safety, they recommend parking in a lit area and knowing your surroundings. They say to check out the deposit area in the daytime before making the drop at night. Also, always have your cell phone on you to contact law enforcement and bring a coworker with you.

“Any type of crime like this is a crime of opportunity so to say it happens a lot you know, it could and it couldn't,” said Sgt. Aaron Starcher with the Fortuna Police Department. “It's you know, people see an opportunity that they think is vulnerable and they try to exploit that and take advantage of the person and try to come up with some easy cash. But if you're able to put some of the security devices in place that we're recommending, it will help deter that.”