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Licenses for illegal immigrants goes into effect today

NORTH COAST- It’s estimated; nearly one million illegal immigrants will be getting Driver’s Licenses across the state in the next three years with a new law in effect today. DMV’s across the state have been extremely busy, including the ones right here in Humboldt County.

Under assembly bill 60 the DMV is being required to issue an original Driver’s License to applicants who are unable to submit proof of legal presence in the U.S. Applicants must complete all other standard qualifications and must provide proof of identity and California residency.

9,000 appointments have already been set at 170 DMV locations across the state, including four new processing centers. 300 of those appointments were set up in on the North Coast alone, 100 in Crescent City and approximately 200 in Eureka.

 “I'm at the San Jose Processing Center and people were lined up since, I kid you not, since 4 am this morning, waiting for the walk in appointment process at 4 locations in California that have opened up today. I mean, it was freezing cold and people were standing outside in line to get a California Driver’s license,” said DMV Public Information Officer, Artemio Armenta.

The DMV says, the bill is set to help many new applicants be able to drive safely and legally on our roadways.