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Local business brings new jobs to the North Coast

SAMOA- A local business is helping to revitalize the Samoa Peninsula and make the community greener along the way.

Eel River Disposal is bringing 25 new jobs to the North Coast with their Samoa facility. The business acquired the space after the recycling company ARCR closed their doors.

The new recycling facility opened to the public just two weeks ago and is already sorting through materials from Eureka, Blue Lake and even Willow Creek. The business hopes to work side by side with Humboldt Waste Management Authority helping to divert bigger materials like sheet rock, scrap metal and other demolition debris from the waste stream.

“We’re trying to revive it,” said Harry Hardin, owner of Eel River Disposal. “Keep this thing going and put people to work. Keep the jobs in Humboldt County. I think it's really going to work out well for the community and the county.”