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Local business, contractors donate to disabled woman

ARCATA- After an injury that left her unable to walk, an Arcata woman is receiving a donation that will allow her to pick up her life where she had left off.

“I got up to go to work one day, and my legs fell out from underneath me for no reason,” said Arcata resident Vicky Gage. “My C2 and my C3 spine exploded in my back. I'm a 60 year old woman and next thing I know, Mad River Hospital is flying me to Mercy in Redding”

After spending nearly two and a half months in the hospital, Vicky Gage returned home, only to be confined by her own front door.

“It’s very dangerous. There's no way I can get in and out of here myself,” Gage said. “I needed a ramp built so desperately, and I didn't have the finances.”

That’s when one local business stepped up to help.

“Vicky called me and you know, she told me her story a little bit and what all she needed and I talked to my general manager over both of our stores and kind of discussed it with him and he said lets do it,” said Mitchell Mann, Arcata branch manager of McKenny’s Do It Best Building Center. “Let’s give her the whole package so we went all the way with it.”

McKenny’s Do It Best Building Center in Arcata donated a total of $600 worth of lumber and materials.

“She actually had her contractor bring her down here so she could meet with me and talk to me in person,” Mann said. “She was pretty stoked and I was really happy to see that.”

But the donation didn’t stop there. Two local handymen have decided to build the ramp for free.

“I just like to help people out and she needed a ramp built,” said handyman Johnny Gutiirrez. “I had met her a while back and she got the material donated and I thought that was nice and I guess the least I could do was donate my time since I’m kind of semi-retired and help her build a ramp so she could get in and out of her house.”

For now, a temporary ramp is in place at Gage’s home. But in two days time, Gutiirrez says Gage will be able to leave her home on her own.

“I am really looking forward to it when I can start getting out and getting to more therapy because I need therapy because there's still a chance that I might walk again someday so I’m real excited about that,” Gage said.