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Local business offers free disposal of your clean Christmas tree

SAMOA- If you had the privilege of experiencing a real Christmas tree this year, you now have the responsibility of properly disposing of it and we’re here to tell you how.

The Eel River Resource and Recovery facilities are offering free Christmas tree disposal at their Fortuna and Samoa locations. Their only requirement is that the trees be clean; free from tinsel, metal stands and any other decorations. They say, there is a cost associated with the company disposing of the trees but that they do it as a public service to the community. They also express why people with real Christmas trees should dispose of them the proper way.

 “Well if they take it to a facility that offers green waste recycling, then they know, the tree is going to be ground and used in compost or biofuel or something like that. It's recycled, rather than, ending up in a landfill,” said General Manager, Rick Powell.

The Eel River Resource and Recovery has employees at each facility to help direct customers on where to drop of their trees.