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Local businesses see increase in holiday sales this year

EUREKA- Shopping local is what Eureka Main Street pushed for this holiday season, and it paid off. "This was a very strong year for sales, I would say probably one of the best,” said Eureka Main Street Assistant Director Amanda Kruschke.
Of the roughly 400 businesses Eureka Main Street tends to, nearly half of those are retail stores that brought in thousands of dollars and a boost to the local economy.
"Shopping locally is very important because it keeps the money here, in our community,” said Krushke. “I have spoken to many of the business owners and they are reporting that they have had a very good holiday season.”
Co-business owner of The Linen Closet, Vickie Eichelberger said out of the 17 years they have been in business, this was one for the books, "We have not done all of our numbers yet but it definitely feels like it was way better than last year,” she said.
According to Kruschke some businesses have reported a sales increase of at least 10 percent or more compared to 2012.
"We definitely we took a fall when the economy took its fall, but we have gradually been coming up each year and this year it seemed to jump a little bit," said Eichelberger.
The spike in sales was surprising to business owners considering the holiday shopping season was a week shorter than usual,
"The few days before Christmas is usually the majority of our sales and this year it started a week and a half sooner," she said. People are saying that they want to support us and support the local merchants around here and we totally appreciate it."