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Local children celebrate International Walk to School Day

EUREKA- Students across the county took over the sidewalks Wednesday morning in celebration of International Walk to School Day.

Dozens of students and parents from Alice Birney Elementary gathered in the Winco parking lot to learn about pedestrian safety and gear up for a morning stroll. The children joined nearly four million others who are walking to school around the world today.

“It's a life long skill to be safe and also that physical activity is something that we believe you should really be able to get right as you walk out the door so walking to school or walking to the grocery store that's something everyone should have a right to do so safely,” said Emily Sinkhorn, a representative from the Safe Routes To School Task Force

The walk is part of the Safe Routes to School Program that teaches students how to exercise and gain independence while learning safe skills to walk and bike to school.

“Eureka City schools have been really doing a lot to encourage safe walking and biking and really have been improving infrastructure so that it is safe for kids to walk and bike,” Sinkhorn said.

Program organizers say they hope today’s walk will encourage parents and children to take to the sidewalks more often.

“A remote drop off site like this is one way parents can get comfortable with learning a safe route to school and also really kind of learn safety skills while walking as well, and it's fun, kids have a ton of fun,” Sinkhorn said.