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Local college student needs your help in her fight against cancer

Tuesday is World Cancer Day and we turn our attention to a local college student who needs your help in her battle against cancer.

Taylor Lyon was diagnosed with parotid gland cancer in April of 2013.  She is a twenty-year-old HSU junior from Fortuna.  Lyon has had one surgery so far, but needs help with future medical expenses and travel costs to get to Stanford University Medical Center, where her oncologist is.  A family friend and breast cancer survivor has organized the “Taylor Lyon Medical Fund” and the Zombie Prom fundraiser for this Friday.  Thousands of dollars have already been donated to the “Taylor Lyon Medical Fund.”  Donations have also started coming in for the Zombie Prom Silent Auction.

"Like today my friend gave me jewelry that her mom made that she wanted to donate for the silent auction.  So just a lot of my friends have come together and found out ways to help, so it's been nice," said Lyon.

The Zombie Prom fundraiser will be held at the River Lodge Conference Center and Commercial Kitchen this Friday from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. at 1800 Riverwalk Drive in Fortuna.  You must be 18 or older to attend.  A single admission is $25 and admission for couples is $40.

You can learn more about the Zombie Prom or how to donate to the “Taylor Lyon Medical Fund” by calling the Patti De La O at 726-9090.