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Local craftsmen showcase their trades in Eureka

EUREKA- Community members had the chance to meet North Coast craftsmen in Eureka on Friday.

At the 19th annual Craftsmans Days, which was held at the Blue Ox Historic Park and School, visitors could watch a variety of trade demonstrations. The two day event is the main fundraiser for Blue Ox High School and Veterans School’s programs. These schools teach students how to be craftsmen through hands-on learning. At the event on Friday, the Timber Heritage Association brought the Steam Donkey, blacksmiths forged items and visitors could watch a spring pole lathe.

"I just love that it really feels like I am transported back to an older time and I love looking at all of this older stuff and just seeing how things used to be done before we had a lot of technology," said Aaron Megazzie, Who Lives In Arcata.

"The public then begins to see the amount of skill it takes and the amount of dedication it takes to become a skilled craftsman.  Things don't poof out of the air magically.  Nothing does, so it's important that we know where these things come from," said Eric Hollenbeck with the Blue Ox Historic Park and School.