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Local fire department looking for volunteer firefighters

UPDATE: The fire department is now accepting volunteers starting at 18 years of age. 

RIO DELL- As fire resources across the state are spread thin because of wildfires, crews at home are looking for an extra hand.

The Rio Dell Fire Department says they are currently looking for more volunteer firefighters. The department has the capacity for 30 firefighters but is currently operating with only 20 people.  Officials with the department say that the lack of resources has created some challenges for the crew when fighting fires, especially during the daytime when many are working other jobs.

“Local volunteer departments are really hurting for members these days and if anybody's interested, feel free to contact their local fire department. I know that we're not turning people away,” said Ryan Heussler, 1st Assistant Fire Chief with the Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department. 

To join the department you must be at least 21 years old and live in Rio Dell. No fire fighting experience is necessary. All training will be provided.

Officials say to join you can either come to the fire department’s business meeting Thursday August 7th at the Fire Station or call 707-764-3329.