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Local heroes honored for selfless action, courage, and compassion

FORTUNA- Being at the right place at the right time earned eighteen individuals honors Friday for their selfless actions, courage and compassion.
"We honor people who have been nominated by the community for doing something heroic," said Executive Director for the Humboldt Del-Norte American Red Cross Chapter Barbara Caldwell.
The tradition continued as hundreds packed the River Lodge in Fortuna to hear eleven heroic stories of local lifesavers hosted by the Humboldt Del-Norte chapter of the American Red Cross. Caldwell said,
"We are talking about anyone from someone saving the life of a surfer to an incredible rescue at sea."
Among those stories stands hero Amber Bowlds and the life of the man whom she saved after he was stabbed in the throat at the Fortuna rodeo last July.  The off-duty EMT was recognized for her quick-thinking and tenacity, something doctors said in the end, saved his life.
Another courageous story of heroism comes from two coast guard crews, honored for life saving efforts performed last May. The boat crew saved the lives of two fishermen whose boat capsized in hazardous sea conditions and a day later a helicopter crew saved the lives of two who were stranded near the cliffs of Endert's Beach.
Caldwell said, "There are some quiet heroes in our midst, some of these heroes you may have heard of."
Below is a complete list of all who were honored:
Brock Bluntzer, SAVED A HUMAN LIFE: Brock saved the life of a surfer who had been attacked by a shark off the Samoa beach.
Cedar Long and Nathan Stalioraitis, GOOD SAMARITAN: Two small children riding on ATV’s might have been seriously hurt by oncoming traffic if not for the actions of these two California Conservation Corps members.
Dan Salinger, SAVED A HUMAN LIFE IN THE LINE OF DUTY: Cpt. Salinger was a duty officer at Freshwater Park who performed a water rescue that he was not trained for and not expected to conduct in the line of duty.
Wonder Gustafson, SAVED A HUMAN LIFE: Wonder saved the life of a woman who had a seizure and had then stopped breathing.
2 Coast Guard Crews in two separate incidents , SAVED A HUMAN LIFE IN THE LINE OF DUTY: (one incident by air, another by sea)
Bob Frawley, BUSINESS GOOD SAMARITAN: Bob Frawley goes above and beyond in his work with people who are Reaching for Independence as they are dealing with personal challenges.
Matt Busher, GOOD SAMARITAN: Matt stopped at the scene of a mass casualty accident and performed CPR on a child who had been seriously hurt.
Kathy Moley-Viand, SPIRIT OF THE RED CROSS: Kathy is dedicated to making sure that the County is prepared for disaster, sharing her time, expertise, and passion with communities, organizations and individuals throughout the North Coast.
Sean Ledwin, SAVED A HUMAN LIFE: In an event that took the lives of three people from one family at Big Lagoon, Sean pulled the lone survivor from the water and kept her from going back in.
Amber Bowlds, SAVED A HUMAN LIFE: Amber’s quick thinking and tenacity saved the life of a man who had been stabbed in the throat in Fortuna.