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Local hospital seeks missing thumb drive, could contain private patient information

FORTUNA- A thumb drive that may have contained information for over 1,000 patients was recently discovered missing from a North Coast hospital. On Nov. 8 a hospital employee discovered an unencrypted thumb drive had been missing for two days from Redwood Memorial’s Cardiopulmonary Services Department. 
A spokespersons for the hospital told News Channel Three that it is not known exactly what type of information was stored on the thumb drive, but said it could have contained patients’ social security numbers, names, addresses, and medical record numbers. They said the information on the drive related to a specific test performed in the department between 2001 and 2013. At this time the thumb drive has not been recovered but the hospital added that additional steps have been taken to tighten security.
According to Redwood Memorial hospital the affected patients were notified last week. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact (707) 269-3685.