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Local library bringing back an old school tradition

It's being called a post holiday celebration of written correspondence and the McKinleyville Library is participating.

The library is going to help kids get back in the habit of writing after the holiday break. They're participating in the Universal Letter-Writing Week and say it's a perfect time to implement this type of thing. It's great to write thank you notes after the holidays and they’re encouraging kids of all ages. They want kids to come in and take advantage of the free paper, envelopes, markers, and stamps. Plus, they’re even supplying postage for the letters. The library wants to encourage literacy, writing and good communication habits. They say it's a nice way to put a capstone on the holiday season. 

“Having a chance for younger people especially children, to write something themselves, not in a school context, but for fun. For staying in touch. It's a really good opportunity and we're happy to support it with our handy dandy art supplies. We’ve always got paper and pens and it's nice to put them to a new use," said Katrina Ehrnman, Branch manager for the McKinleyville Library.