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Local middle school students raise money to end polio worldwide

FORTUNA- Students in Fortuna came home with purple pinkies on Friday in support of polio eradication worldwide.

"When you pay a dollar, you paint your pinky purple and then you put your finger print on the board," 8th Grader Casandra Cortes said.

Students at Fortuna Middle School lined up to get their pinkies painted, with the donation of one dollar going towards the fight against polio. In countries with the disease, health organizations paint children's pinkies purple to show that they were immunized.

The proceeds raised Friday will go towards Rotary International, UNICEF and the World Health Organization's immunization efforts. Along with Fortuna Middle, students at Ambrosini Elementary and Toddy Thomas Middle School also participated in purple pinkies for polio day.

"Our middle school students need to know about what's going on in the world as far as health organizations and to give back to those who support and make sure that in America, polio is no longer an issue because it's been eradicated here because of support from organization like the World Health Organization and UNICEF," Fortuna Middle School Student Council Advisor Brenna Russ said. "So we just took this opportunity to teach the students about how we can help others."