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Local Poll Workers Spend Decades Volunteering

Every first Tuesday of November for the past 37 years Mary Jane Ratjen has been volunteering as a poll worker. Ratjen said she feels like it is her civic duty to help out each elections cycle.


"I know most of the voters and it helps a lot when you recognize them," said Ratjen.


When Ratjen first cast her ballot she said polling places would be held in people's home. "We walked up to a house about three blocks away and they emptied their living room," said Ratjen.


Ratjen said volunteering gives her a chance to catch up with the community.


"We get to talk with them we get to joke with them. they're like a family," said Ratjen.


The voting process has not changed much, said Ratjen, except for technology.


 "I'm not a computer person," said Ratjen.