Local radio personality celebrates 40th year on air

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EUREKA- For KRED 92.3 radio host Rollin Trehearne, being an on air personality doesn’t seem like a real job- and he’s okay with that.

The Humboldt County native celebrated his 40th year in the business on Friday, 24 of those have been with the BIG RED country station.

When asked why he got into radio, he says it just sounded like fun.

“I started off actually as a 15 year old,” said Trehearne. “I weaseled my way into my first job at no pay and used to ride the bicycle to the station to do the show.”

Beginning his radio career in Crescent City, Trehearne would go to work before school started each morning.

During his 40th anniversary show on KRED on Friday, Trehearne featured some of his work from those early years.

“The anniversary show this morning I just had a chance to reminisce a little bit,” Trehearne said. “Some of the tapes and things I had saved over the 40 years I haven't listened to for 35 years or more and to listen back when you're 15 compared to the age I am now and hear voices and styles and stuff. I cringed a little bit but it was fun to share and just take a walk down memory lane.”

After high school, Trehearne left the area to attend college in Morro Bay and began working at the local radio station in the area, KBAI. After a few years Djing in Morro Bay, Trehearne returned to Humboldt County, eventually landing a job at KATA in Arcata.

“People have asked me over the years, how come I haven't gone elsewhere and there's been offers to go else where but you know, it's the community,” Trehearne said. “This is where I've grown up and this is where people have grown up with me and I just feel like I'm tied in here and I don't want to leave, I want to stay here.”

Along with the community, Trehearne says the people he’s met over the years are another reason he loves his job.

“I had the opportunity to interview one of the three survivors of the Titanic, I've talked to people that have been on the moon, I've talked to presidents, I've talked to president's brothers, movie stars, people that have been in the news so yeah, a lot of different people I've been lucky to,” Trehearne said.

And after 40 years in the business, Trehearne says he won’t be leaving any time soon.

“I'm asked all the time when am I going to retire, and its like, until my boss fires me I guess I'm going to stick with it, because what would I do? I get up now, I drink some coffee, check in what’s going on with news and fun, and I talk to people and play music. I mean, what could I do different in retirement?”