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Local shredding company holds competition for new name

EUREKA- A local document shredding company is asking the public for help coming up with a new name.

Shred Tec, founded in 2009, was asked to change their name by a Canadian company called “Shred-Tech.” Shred-Tech is a manufacturer of shredding machines and has owned the trademark for its name since 1988.

Shred Tec owner Kyle Visser says the company’s CEO called him in early April warning of a letter coming from the company’s attorneys and asking him to change Shred Tec’s name. 

“They have a lot of control in this process,” said Visser. “They could sue us, they could file and injunction and make us stop operating as a company, they could do all types of nasty things but they didn't.”

Visser is now asking for the public’s help in coming up with a new name, offering a $100 reward for the winner. The company has been advertising the contest on Facebook, in addition to sending out letters to local chambers.

The company’s only requirement for the new name is that it must be unique; no other business can have it.

“We're looking for something preferably short,” said Visser. “We like things that say ‘shred’ in it or something that's pretty self-explanatory of course so people know what it is that we're doing.”

Suggestions can be submitted by messaging Shred Tec on Facebook or by emailing All ideas must be entered by June 9th.