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Local students see police canine demonstration

EUREKA- Private school students in Eureka learned about police canines on Monday as handlers with the EPD and Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office introduced their four-legged helpers to the kids.

The Canine Officers answered student questions at Gospel Outreach Reformational Children’s School and showed the kids videos on how the dogs assist in law enforcement operations. The children learned about the different types of police canines, including those that find people and items and ones that help physically apprehend suspects.  Then, students saw live canine obedience and narcotics demonstrations. The school's science teacher, Gina DeSoto, reached out to the police agencies to provide Monday’s lesson.

"I think it's very important for kids to know what's in their very own backyard and the police law enforcement are obviously a very important part of our community.  We definitely need the law in our lives and they're very helpful to us and I think it's very important for the children to know that they're a benefit to us and they're a blessing to us," said DeSoto.